Cool Britannia

The 70th, reinterpreted hold feeder. Retro styled casual models. Fur and big hats dominate the picture as well as chunky knit and cable knit in the form of capes, sweaters and cardigans long in natural tones. Floral prints and the silhouette emphasize the femininity. Free-flowing, bulky, heavy materials are combined. Burnt orange, yellow mustard mixed with warm green / khaki tones, a hint of berry, rich petroleum and a darkened Royal blue reflect desire and modernity. Beige tones bring brightness.

Street Luxury

Towards a new elegance, woman is always perfectly styled, but never dressed. She exudes seriousness and sophistication. First floral patterns emerge. The silhouette is bulky and short, sometimes long and narrow. Sensual, clear and elegant! Ultra-fine, lightweight fabrics in addition to gross and bulky knits exaggerated find their place here. Jersey knit and active again, thanks to innovative patterning, as well as milled and coated aspects. The coat is an important component, whether woven as collars or cuffs. It gives a touch of luxury. Whether you are a fake or real fur coat is one of the must-haves of the rope in the coming autumn / winter. Noble nougat tones combined with beige and gray tones, giving coarse rope structures elegance. Ice blue, red and silver set additional accents.